Frequently Asked Questions

How to contact us?

Please send an email to the number 3 through our service or to

What is

This is a service that lets you send emails using short numbers instead of long email addresses. Every emailbox can have it's own number.

Why shoul I use your service?

Our service is build to make the communication easier.

  • It's always easier to remember a number
  • No need to spell a long email address
  • You don't expose your real email address
  • It's fun

Is my favorite number is available?

You can check available numbers in Available number section.

How much does it cost?

To get a random number id free.
Ability to choose a number or get the shorter one costs very little. Please check Pricing section for details.

Can I use your service for my business?

You must!

How to get the number?

Visit Get Number section and enter your email. Your number will be created immediately. In case you want additional services - you need to register. Registration is free.

Do I need to have a number if I want to send an email?

No, only the receiver must have a number associated with his email. The sender can send emails through or the WelcomeMail mobile apps.

What if I want to delete my number?

Please log in first. Navigate to "Settings" and choose "Delete account".